You Deserve to Be Adored in a Happy, Healthy Relationship. Here's How to Make It Happen...

"The 5 Keys to Relationship Success: How to Know If He's Right for You and the Secrets to Manifesting a Deeply Fulfilling Relationship"



Tuesday, July 5th
5 PM Pacific Time
8 PM Eastern Time

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  • 1

    Specific strategies on how to become crystal clear about whether a relationship is right for you – so you can decide in minutes instead of agonizing over it for months

  • 2

    The one mindset shift that can help you avoid being the rebound woman and avoid wasting time with unavailable men

  • 3

    The single crucial action you need to take order to find and choose someone who adores you exactly as you are

  • 4

    Four little known secrets to manifesting the relationship that you really want

  • 5

    What true love really requires in order to blossom and grow (It’s not what you think)

Melissa Josue: Mom, stepmom, wife, writer, and dating & relationship coach committed to helping women manifest the relationship that they truly want and deserve.

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